Smart Films India

Smart Films India

By the use of Privacy Glass, also called switchable film, privacy film or smart tint, all to make a privacy window film (self-adhesive) or privacy window glass. You can take your windows from traditional form to technological one with a click of a button. With Switchable glass you can enjoy the new no-curtains look that you love without losing the privacy that you deserve.

Not just for commercial or office use, switchable glass and switchable film has a wide range of uses in residential application as well.

Our NCAP PDLC Film is based on a Liquid Crystal (LC) emulsion encapsulated between two plastic substrates (PET ITO)


  • Self-Adhesive Film or Retrofit is a special PDLC smart film to place on an existing glass. This approach is relevant in case you do not want to replace the glass.
    We supply customized film per your scheme, with busbar wires. The customer can easily stick on the glass as per our step to step installation manual.
  • We have 3 Self-Adhesive color types:
  • White (clear)
  • Grey
  • Dark Grey